Professor Joonil Seog

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Outreach Activities

Youth Vision Conference
Youth Vision Conference

Youth Vision Conference (2012)

Professor Seog participated as a speaker in the 4th Youth Vision Conference. Organized by the National Institute of Family Counseling, the event provides career guidance to high school students who are interested in science and engineering fields.

KSEA Math/Science Competition
KSEA Math and Science Competition.

The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers' (KSEA) Annual Math and Science Competition (2011)

KSEA's annual Math and Science Competition is held to inspire 4th–11th grade Korean-American students to learn the importance of mathematics and science. About 100 students participate.

Maryland Day
Professor Seog (right) at Maryland Day.

Maryland Day (Annual)

Professor Seog regularly participates in the annual Discover Materials Science and Engineering exhibit on Maryland Day. Visitors participate in demonstrations and experiments and learn more about modern materials technology, including super strong magnets, shape memory alloys, super hydrophobic materials, amorphous metal and biomaterials for implants.

Other Activities

Professor Seog has presented at a Department of Materials Science and Engineering Open House. MSE's Open House events invite high school and transfer students to campus to learn more about the discipline, meet students and faculty members, and conduct hands-on experiments that include hardness testing (on chocolate!), and solar cells.

Professor Seog has also served as a chair in a NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship symposium.